The internet's coolest climate action corporation.

Where Web3.0, action and lifestyle meet.

We’ve created the Digital Carbon Sponge™ – super efficient smart contracts that are hard coded to remove real world carbon, not once but in perpetuity – it’s climate action that once started, cannot be stopped. 

With the rise of NFT’s there has never been a better time to build the future cool and take action where it has never gone before – mainstream.

We use our Digital Carbon Sponge™ to cook up entirely new ways to act – ways that celebrate human nature and embrace pop culture, bringing change to people, rather than making people change… it’s climate action, made cool. 

We do all this to fund and scale the carbon removal market. Something we need if we want to make the next century worth reaching. We have the technology, but it’s underutilized because it’s underfunded. We’re going to change that and build a profit for purpose empire as we go. 

We’re already underway:

  • We’re proud members of Angel Labs Cohort #1, 
  • Grant recipients from the Solana Foundation 
  • Building with Shopify to allow their merchants to also mint their own Digital Carbon Sponge™ NFTs. 
  • Have our product Cool Gram in market (MVP)

This is just the beginning. We see a world where Digital Carbon Sponge™ NFTs are the rule, not the exception. Think web3 ‘1% for the planet’ on steroids. 

Where we are going, you can come too.

As the world’s first decentralized carbon negative brand, we invite you to join us. Together, we can change the trajectory of humanity’s greatest challenge and share upside. If you are picking up what we are putting down, join the club. 



Embrace the edge.

We’re the originals of action. Unapologetically anti-ordinary, we're embarking on the new era to rewrite the rules on: IP, brand building, ownership, centralization and uniquely, how to cool our planet.
We're leaving the niche, breaking business as usual to move with the speed of culture.
We open the door for the new and act with rebellious optimism.
We expect not everyone will approve, but we no longer need everyone's permission - we just need you.
We're the ones we've been waiting for.


Play the long game.

This is about more than making short term internet money. The future of everything is staked.
But make no mistake - carbon removal is a trillion dollar opportunity dressed as an existential crisis and we can be a major player. We will be measured by ceilings broken over floors swept.
Money is a by-product of value.To create a profitable, viable, world changing business, we must deliver value to paying customers - not rely on royalties from selling NFTs to future buyers. Anything relying solely on recurring capital from future investors is a scheme starting with p.
Think of a brand that changed the world, now double it. That's where we are going.
All funds from Islands of Cool will be used to build and deliver valuable products to paying customers, sustaining our brand for the long term.


Build intent over hype.

We're here to change the world.
A world changing, decentralized movement requires intent, patience, trust and time (real time, not web3 time). Hype is hype. And it fades fast, when it’s not backed by intent.
Rest assured we will move fast, the planet requires this of us.
Let’s f*cking go.


Cooler than cool.

Designed from inception to remove more carbon than emitted, this is a world first undertaking for any brand.
And not just any carbon either. We go where others don't - to the frontier. We support the nascent carbon removal technologies that have the potential to be low-cost and high-volume in the future, even if they’re not today. We buy at higher than average market prices, because others won’t. Innovation is always expensive at first…
If we want the next century worth reaching - we need all carbon removals to accelerate and scale - and do so as soon as humanly possible. Supporting them early is the only way.
Together we can shift the trajectory and ensure the world has the solutions needed
And that - internet frens - is how we cool.


Rewrite the narrative.

It's easy to follow the traveled path, play it safe, avoid critics and stick to business as usual, but that's what landed us here: game 7 for humanity.
The time for blame, shame, doom, gloom and footprints is done. It’s time to make the impossible possible. And for the first time in history, we can.
The internet revolution is upon us, the future is now what we choose. There is no longer a rule book.
We see a future where climate change is no longer a thing and people are no longer fungible assets of corporations, but are instead, proud owners.
We write our future. We pave our own path.
Let’s change the world. Come cool with us.


Be where worlds collide.

As the lines increasingly blur between physical and digital, our existences in each is no longer mutually exclusive.
They can work to help one another thrive. And they must.
Built in the metaverse to cool in real life, this is where the magic happens.
Let’s make sure it’s cool.